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Packaging consisting of 6 bottles of 0.50 l.

Pack of 6 bottles - Integral AURUM BIO DOP 0.50 l.

  • Aurum- Extra virgin olive oil made only with Cilento olives.Limited production.

    Olives harvested manually from selected plants, at the first degree of ripeness (green in colour), on suspended cloths.

    Cold pressed with a certified continuous cycle system, on the same day of harvest.

    FROM organic cultivation on certified DOP Cilento areas. It is not filtered but decanted in a natural way

    Very low acidity with high median fruitiness.

    It enhances the flavours, it does not cover them. Green/yellow gold colour.

    .To be kept at the table and used exclusively as a raw dressing.

  • Kolio bottle of 0.50 l., dark in color to shield the light. Standard anti-topping cap for public establishments.

    High quality product in an elegant and refined bottle- To be kept on the table on special occasions.


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