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Extra virgin olive oil is made up of 99% lipids.

The quality of the extra virgin olive oil fatty acids determines its chemical-physical properties and, in practice, its relevance within the various culinary preparations.


At the same time, the unsaponifiable portion of extra virgin olive oil brings many essential micro-molecules (fat-soluble vitamins - tocopherols and B-carotene), or in any case very useful for the human body (phytosterols and polyphenols). Some of these molecules, together with the typical fatty acids, contribute to determining the chemical-physical properties of the finished product (antioxidants).


It also has a protective effect on the stomach, liver and arteries, as well as being a source of vitamins A, D and E and a natural antioxidant.  It is notoriously considered an anticancer and fights blood cholesterol .


Among the other properties of extra virgin olive oil we mention the mildly laxative and pain-relieving properties.

 The prevalence of oleic acid gives the extra virgin olive oil unparalleled properties.


A recent study by the La Sapienza University of Rome demonstrated the anti-diabetic action of olive oil.  Researchers from the University of Rome have shown that eating according to the canons of the Mediterranean diet with the addition of olive oil, gave significant beneficial effects decrease exposure towards the disease.

The experimentation was later carried out on a sample of subjects suffering from diabetes and the first results are already encouraging, opening up the prospect of being able to cure diabetes with natural medicines based on olive oil.


This chemically monounsaturated fatty acid determines one of the most suitable smoke points for frying –

Scientific articles beneficial to EVO oil

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