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Did you know that ......?

For shaving

Viscous and moisturizing, olive oil helps the razor glide better over the skin, allowing for a smoother, less irritating shave.


Psoriasis and other irritations

Olive oil soothes itching, burning and more generally the irritation of the skin and represents a valid aid in the treatment of skin rashes. It can also be used in infant diaper rashes for quick relief.

Regular and frequent use of olive oil can also be helpful in treating mild forms of psoriasis.


Soothing for the throat

If you have a long congress in which you will be the main speaker or you are about to participate in an evening of singing, swallowing a teaspoon of olive oil before the performance will lubricate the throat. This solution is also excellent for soothing the itching caused by redness and for lubricating the mouth and tonsils.


Dry and chapped lips

If you want to say goodbye to dry and chapped lips you can mix olive oil and melted beeswax together, in a 1:1 ratio, adding a drop of your favorite essential oil. This way you will get your personalized cocoa butter.


Against earache

This is perhaps the most famous grandmothers remedy in the world. A few drops of warm olive oil is an effective and quick remedy to soothe a severe earache.

To treat infections, however, an infusion of olive oil and crushed garlic may be useful, to be filtered and applied to the affected ear.


Easy cleaning of garden tools

Spray a little olive oil on your tool to reduce grime buildup.


Treat diaper rash

After cleaning it, massage the reddened part with a few drops of olive oil to soothe the area.


Remove wax

Put the oil in the candle holders and in this way when the wax melts it will come off perfectly and without rubbing.


Chewing gum

Children can get stuck with rubber on their hair. Just apply olive oil on the chewing gum and leave it for 5-10 minutes and then you can remove it without problems.


Stickers and labels

To remove the glued labels just put a few drops of olive oil for a few minutes and it will come off without problems.



Passare with a slightly abrasive sponge and then dry well with a cloth soaked in olive oil.


Sugar residues

Have you ever tried making caramel at home? Good and easy to prepare, but then the ladle is practically to be thrown away; to dissolve the sugary and sticky residues from the dishes, dab with oil, let it act for a couple of minutes and you will see how easy it will be cleaned

Remove the quills from the sea urchins

Have you ever inadvertently touched a sea urchin by mistake? Surely you have felt a great pain from its quills, with a little olive oil we will be able to bring out the quills that are stuck in the skin.


Remove ticks

Dip your finger into the cup with the oil and drip a couple of drops of oil on the mint. Wait a bit (because after a few seconds the mint opens the rostrum) and grab it with tweezers and pull it.

Intimate lubricant

Its not just squeaky hinges that work better when lubricated. Olive oil is a great intimate lubricant as long as you dont use it with latex condoms.


Lice treatment

In the past, olive oil was the most widely used natural treatment to combat the dreaded lice infestations as it is able to dissolve the exoskeleton of the parasites and suffocate the more resistant ones.

Carefully pass the lice comb, then rub some oil into the still damp hair and leave it to act for at least 6/8 hours, covering it with a shower cap. Then apply an apple cider vinegar lotion and leave it on overnight. In the morning, wash your hair thoroughly and comb it again to remove the remaining eggs.


Furniture wood

Add olive oil and a few drops of citrus juice, we can obtain an excellent compound for polishing furniture.


Polish for stainless steel

first clean the surface to be polished well and wait for it to dry. Then take a cloth and pour a drizzle of oil on it and rub vigorously on the surface, the result will be guaranteed.


Free a stuck zipper

Apply some oil with cotton on the zipper teeth and then wiggle the zipper.


Care for your cat

Add a teaspoon of olive oil to your cats food to help prevent lint, and provide a shiny coat.


Stop snoring

Take a sip of olive oil before going to bed. It could lubricate the throat muscles, and help stop snoring.


Remove the paint from your skin

Rub the olive oil on the stained skin and leave it on for a few minutes and then clean with soap and water.


Eliminate the squeak of a door

Use a cotton swab or rag to apply olive oil to the top of a problem zipper in your home or automobile.


Shoe polish

Rub your shoes with just a splash of olive oil to keep their shine.

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